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Take a look below and decide what you need.

What You Need

Does your bowl need to be reamed? Do you have a burnout thru the side of your bowl? Does the shank have a crack that needs

to be banded? Does the rim of the bowl have to much cake? Is the rim of the bowl burnt down on one side?

Take a good look at your pipe and then tell me ‘What You Need’.

These are basic shapes. We have many stem styles to choose from,

available in vulcanite ‘black rubber’ or Lucite.

All stems will fit perfectly to the shape of the pipe.

All stems will be bent according to the shape of the pipe.

Lucite Colors


Black, Red,

Amber, & Clear.

Pearlized Lucite


Amber, Gold, Brown, Green, Blue, Yellow,     Dusty Rose.

Mail Pipe To:

Briar Pipe Repair

144 Linebrook Road

Ipswich, Ma. 01938

Email: John@BriarPipeRepair.com